Semalt Expert Elaborates On Caldera Form, The Most Powerful Plugin For WordPress Sites

The contact form spam is irritating and annoying and causes lots of security risks to your blog or website. So, blocking spam and keeping your contact form safe should be your top priority if you are using Caldera Forms. Artem Abgarian, the Semalt Senior Customer Success Manager, explains that to enable comprehensive and powerful anti-spam programs for the contact form, you should first create an entirely new form. Once it is done, the anti-spam tool will work to keep your forms free from spam and bot attacks.

What to do if you get spam with Caldera Forms?

If you use the default honey pot plugin with your Caldera Forms and it is not working properly, there are some ways to get rid of the spam instantly:

  • First of all, you should prefer using a well-managed and organized WordPress blocker that ensures to block all the bots and spiders from reaching your website. We suggest you use WPEngine and Pantheon in this regard.
  • You can also use the email services that automatically block spam. We suggest you Caldera Forms Pro for the Caldera Forms and SendGrid for all other emails.
  • Using an anti-spam plugin is also good to go with. There are hundreds of thousands of anti-spam plugins in your Wordpress Plugin Directory, and you can choose a relevant plugin and get them installed as soon as possible.

What about the reCaptcha field?

It is also good to get a reCaptcha and prevent the spam comments on your website. This may not work properly with Caldera Forms so you would have to adjust its settings manually. It's safe to say that reCaptcha is less effective and useful than the default anti-spam plugins mentioned below.

Caldera Forms Anti-Spam:

If you own a WordPress website, you must install this plugin as soon as possible to prevent Caldera Forms from spam and viruses. This is a user-friendly and website-friendly plugin that is free of cost and comes with dozens of features. Using it, you can get access to detailed instructions on how to develop a beautiful contact form. This plugin offers the drag-and-drop form builders, the live preview options, templates for accelerating the form creation, and helps create responsive forms within seconds.

Clean Talk Anti-Spam:

This WordPress plugin can be integrated with your Caldera Forms easily and helps prevent spam in the comment sections. The best part is that it comes in both free and premium versions; it means that the free version is good for small businesses and private blogs and the premium version is great for big websites and online brands. Its Gravity Forms option can be enabled to edit your existing forms and give them a powerful and extraordinary look.

Anti-Spam Bee:

It is a comprehensive and useful WordPress plugin for Caldera Forms. It provides free anti-spam services and has millions of active installs on the internet. The Contact Form 6 can also be edited using this plugin, and it is user-friendly. Furthermore, there are multitudes of extensions available for users, and you can customize this plugin as per your requirements and expectations. It also includes the reCaptcha support and can handle the Ajax-powered form submission for you.